Reaper cue sync script

Reaper script

Hi guys! Back from my cave with something for all of you.

I’ve developed a small script for us Reaper music composers that should make our lives a little easier. I’ve been looking for this kind of functionality for a long time and I’ve never found one that does exactly what I want or even close. So I decided to make my own.

This all started when I saw Digital Performer 8 and the way it helps when you need to figure out the tempo for a cue to hit sync points. It does it by using markers. I LOVE that feature. Now, of course, I am not going to be purchasing a $500 DAW for that one thing. Also, Digital Performer seems great, but for some reason, the demo I installed had very small fonts on my screens, almost unreadable. And I am happy with Reaper. And happier on every new update and feature. It’s just missing this one thing for me (and maybe Streamers, Punchers and notation for Sync points in the notation view… but who’s counting?).

So, while this is a very limited script (for now), it’s good enough to be useful. It basically calculates a series of tempo candidates for a specific cue using the markers as sync points.

As a preparation, you have to set the markers to be time-based and the project Frame Rate matching your video file (both actions can be performed in File–>Project Settings). Then, you add your sync points with your first one being your Music In sync point (VERY IMPORTANT!).

After this, you run the script and enter your target tempo (a ballpark figure) and the subdivision (do you want to have your sync points on the downbeat? 8th notes? 16ths? etc.).

After you do that, you hit OK and get a list of the best possible candidates.

For each tempo, you get two pieces of information; The number of hits and the Total Error. Hits are the places where the tempo subdivision that you chose is 2 frames or closer to the actual sync point. Total Error is the sum of the offsets between the sync points and the desired subdivision.

With that information, you can select your best candidate and place it at your initial marker, which should be your Music In marker.

You can also watch me explain this in the YouTube video below

Finally, you can download the script from here (Right Click, Save As)

To use the script, you need to load it from Reaper’s Action window. You can then assign a shortcut to it.

Keep an eye on the blog for future updates to the script. I’ll try to implement some new stuff in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy it.

I go back to my cave now to continue working on my music.

Best wishes,