After studying Guitar Performance and getting my degree, I have been composing and transcribing music professionally non-stop.
I have transcribed some tremendously avant-garde compositions, with difficult voicings and mind-bending time signatures and tempo changes. It is a joy for me to be able to put challenging music into beautifully engraved little black dots.

Some notable recent works in the transcription world:

* Transcription and engraving of Mark Searcy‘s Guitar Tab Anthology book.

* Music prep for Giovanni Piacentini‘s upcoming “Phasma”, a Piano concerto for Piano and Orchestra

* I transcribe the entirety of Sam Griffin’s YouTube VG music covers

* I crafted the tab books for both of John Clark‘s albums, “CiCaDia” and “moonOcean”

My composition style covers a wide genre. You can check out some examples on my SoundCloud page or you can request a custom demo for your project.
I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I can't believe how perfect the transcription was....and it was an improvised trumpet solo with lots of notes...bravo!!

Todd K. October 17, 2016

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We’re still ironing this section out. Be sure to check out my SoundCloud for some audio goodies. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Before I discuss any of my skills, the following applies to everything I do:
1. My main concern is attention to detail and the quality of my work. I leave no stone unturned. I do my best to deliver all of my projects error-free and ready to use, but in the event of a mistake or omission I will always fix it as fast as possible at no extra charge or provide a full refund.
2. I value and appreciate my client’s time and trust. Any agreed-upon delivery date or milestone in my work is guaranteed. If I don’t make the deadline, I don’t charge for the job.


If you are in need of music for your project and none of my pieces available are appropiate, I can create custom tailored music for it that will fit the exact vibe and feel you require, whether it is for a film or a video game. For video game composition, I am experienced in implementation with both Wwise and FMOD and all my adaptive music comes with templates for both programs. The cost of this type of work varies depending on the complexity of the music, the required length and the final use for it, as student films are not the same as a standard motion picture, nor are AAA video games the same as an independent one. You can judge the quality of my music by having a listen to the tracks available in the Music section.


This service is available for all genres and instrumentation. I provide accurate, detail oriented transcriptions at an affordable rate with a quick and guaranteed turnaround. The cost for a transcription or engraving depends mainly on the overall complexity of the piece, the quality of the recording and the length of the audio file. The availability of audio stems is also an important factor. You can read what my previous clients have to say about the quality and punctuality of my work above or at my UpWork and Fiverr profiles. You may also see some excerpts of previous works in my portfolio.


If you have a handwritten score that you need professionally notated in Finale or Sibelius, I can help you with that at an affordable rate. The complexity of the piece, as well as the readability and number of pages are what affects the cost of this type of work. You have a look at what my previous customers had to say about my work here and here. You may also find testimonials and judge my work for yourself by looking at the portfolio section.


If you have a score that needs to be recorded with an orchestra, you need to have it prepared with industry standard annotations, separated into parts, formatted and ready to be printed. I can take this problem out of your hands and provide you with a solution in a timely manner and at a fraction of the cost of what a music preparation company will charge. You may find a few samples of this type of work in my portfolio.


In this day and age composers are often required to present the music in a way that is realistic and well produced to their clients. Sometimes the end-results of these demos are so good that the mock-ups end up being used as the final product. But even if you intend to record with an orchestra, you need to provide a well-produced demo of what the orchestra will play before someone signs off on a music recording session. Since often times composers don’t have the time or the resources to create the mock-ups themselves, as creating well-produced demo of orchestral music can be time consuming and expensive, because of the cost and learning curve of high-quality sample libraries, I offer a mock-up service that will guarantee a realistic sound with minimal impact on your budget. You may hear samples of the realism I can achieve in the music section.

Mauro Pantin
Music Composer & Engraver
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