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In one way or another, I have always been media-adjacent with my activities and how I choose to spend my time.

I am primarily a musician, I have been one for the past 15 years professionally and 25 all around, if you count a decade spent on the bedroom jamming to Metallica and Tool and playing live shows with friends. I started with guitar, and have a BFA in Guitar Performance. My main activities in the industry now are music preparation, orchestrations, arrangements and transcriptions. Have a look at my portfolio for a few project examples!

Aside from my work as a musician and parallel to it, I have always been very interested in technology and multimedia. I love films and videogames, and have composed music for a couple of small projects. I also spent tons of hours since I was a kid fiddling with 3D. First in a demo of Rhino3D several years ago, and in Blender since I found it, modelling 3D objects and doing small animations. Or attempting to mod games in some capacity. I remember adding my face to the original Unreal Tournament by editing the textures… I also remember coding small Q&A games in Basic or Pascal with friends in my early teens. They hardly count, they were basically a long sequence of IF and GOTO statements… But they were a great introduction to the headspace needed to code. These days those hours are mostly spent using Unreal Engine and/or Raylib and coding in C++ (or Python if scripting in Blender). You can check out some of the things I do in my Github.

The tinkering does not end there, though. It also transfers to IRL projects. Love spending time with an Arduino, the Raspberry PI, or experimenting with my 3D printer. I also constructed my very own clone of a Soldano guitar amp and use it to record every now and then.

Aside from the intellectual escapades, when I’m not doing any of these things I enjoy time out in nature, camping, hiking and sport climbing in particular. I tend to share those moments on my Instagram.

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