Just a quick post. Because of my last website’s demise (RIP) a lot of the previous portfolio pieces and project showcases were lost. I will be slowly uploading all the stuff that was there, along with small snippets to have a more significant body of work examples available.

It kind of feels like cheating, like an old comedian going for the quick laughs instead of testing new jokes. Pardon the old material, I guess…

I am also uploading a link to the “TempoSync” script for Reaper. This is just a quick script I created to figure out the best tempo options when writing music to picture. It’s a very rudimentary version of that Digital Performer function that does something similar. You add markers, a target tempo you may be thinking of using, desired metric and subdivision for the music and it spits out a list of possible tempos along with exact hits and total margin of error for each option. I hardly thought it would have been of use to someone since it’s pretty basic, but over the years I’ve gotten so many emails asking for it that I just uploaded it to GitHub. Link is here and in my portfolio.

I also have some really exciting stuff coming up, a lot of orchestra work these past few weeks, which is always lovely and where my heart is at. Can’t really say much right now but I will be updating once I can.